OnePlus Debuts Its Virtual World on Roblox

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Although OnePlus may not be as well-known as Samsung or Apple, the business makes a lot of effort to win over customers. Remember the OnePlus Watches from last year with the Harry Potter and Cyberpunk 2077 logos? Anyone can now visit the new OnePlus World on Roblox.

Undoubtedly, this was a publicity gimmick to increase awareness of OnePlus. The same technique was essentially done by Spotify a few months back. People can join and participate in the Roblox world that was created. There were other minigames available for folks to play as well.

A ROBLOX game by the name of Oneplus is available. Partnership between OnePlus and transparency House. This appears to be a major strategy for the firm, which is the one that created the world. We have been talking about metaverse development through our ongoing relationship with OnePlus for a while, according to Transparency House Executive Producer Denis Krylov. In the end, it was decided to construct on Roblox.

Advertisement This may also imply that OnePlus will be among the next businesses to make a metaverse investment. On that, only time will tell.

You can engage in a variety of interesting activities at OnePlus World, a virtual theme park. As you can anticipate, this game clearly bears the influence of OnePlus. The world doesn’t, however, appear to be one big OnePlus 10 Pro commercial. Fun is more of a priority.

The sport is Located in a large, mountainous, high-tech park that is tucked away along a coastline. People are welcome to enter and begin exploring. You can move about in an open-world setting because this is a theme park.

Advertisement There is another OnePlus impact here in addition to the name and the OnePlus Store that dominates the entranceway. People are aware of VOOC charging, which charges OnePlus phones incredibly quickly. Well, you can temporarily increase your speed thanks to the charging stations that are dispersed throughout the park.

If you want to play around with this OnePlus World , you can do so right now.

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