On Android, Twitter Blue now has a customizable navigation bar.

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As part of Twitter Blue, the navigation bar may now be customized on Twitter for Android. Since Twitter Blue’s arrival in the US in November of last year, this feature has been accessible on the iOS app.

Twitter Blue is definitely already something you’re familiar with. It is a $3 monthly subscription service that grants access to the app’s premium features. Non-paying users are not permitted to utilize these features. A customisable navigation bar is one of them.

On the navigation bar of the free Twitter app for Android, there are five buttons: Home, Search, Spaces, Notifications, and Messages. However, the number of Twitter Blue subscribers is six. More significantly, they have control over what shows up where. Apart from that, you can choose up to five options from Messages, Spaces, Top Articles, Notifications, Profile, Bookmarks, Search, and more. The Home button cannot be deleted. At least one of these must be chosen.

Advertisement Users of Blue now have more control over their Twitter experience thanks to this function. For instance, a shortcut to Spaces in the middle of the navigation bar is useless if the person isn’t interested in the function. Instead, they might prefer a button that sends them straight to the Top Articles. You can always move the buttons around or make modifications with Twitter Blue. Additionally, the choice to return to the standard navigation bar is always available.

As previously stated, this feature has only been available since the debut of the Twitter app for iOS. Finally, it will be available on Android. This one is for you, Android. According to the official Twitter Blue handle tweeted , Custom Navigation is now accessible.

OTHER BENEFITS OF TWITTER BLUE In June of last year, Twitter Blue was first introduced in Australia and Canada. In November, the feature was released in the US and New Zealand. Users of Twitter Blue also benefit from a variety of other unique features in addition to a customisable navigation bar.

Advertisement You initially have ad-free access to news articles from a few different websites. You can store tweets in a Bookmarks folder for easy later discovery. Additionally, you receive unique app icons and UI customizations. Another useful tool accessible to Twitter Blue users is the ability to undo a tweet. Although there is no edit button, the function allows you to delete a tweet after you sent it but before it is made public. You have up to 60 seconds to do so. This element is optional.

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