Now, you Can Repair Your Pixel With Original Components

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You don’t use a case on your Pixel phone because you like to live life on the edge. You may be at ease if the unthinkable occurs and you need to replace your broken display after a drop. Through iFixit, Google now enables you to fix your gadget with brand-new components.

If you’re confused about why this is occurring now, a law was passed that invokes your right to repair. As a result, manufacturers must provide users with access to genuine replacement parts so they may fix their equipment.

It’s likely that you won’t want to spend the money on a new phone if the one you paid $1,099 for has a broken display. Instead, you may spend much less, get the components shipped to you, and do the repair yourself.

Advertisement NOW, THROUGH THIS GOOGLE IFIXIT PARTNERSHIP, YOU CAN REPAIR PIXEL PHONE Not just Google is under pressure to provide people with access to real parts. Together with Samsung, iFixit essentially sends you a mobile iPhone factory to fix your phone.

Although Google doesn’t quite match Apple’s efforts, it still goes far enough. The business had declared in April that it would offer genuine Pixel parts for your phone through iFixit in order to repair it. This happened immediately after Samsung unveiled its version.

With the help of this collaboration, Google will let you to swap out your display, camera modules, battery, and other parts. It’s quite reassuring to hear that, especially in regards to the battery. It’s advantageous to have the choice to replace not just your one-year-old battery, but also your five-year-old battery! That’s correct, even the Pixel 2 can be fixed. That phone was first made available in 2017.

Advertisement Now, let’s be honest: It’s only a matter of time before a blog post is published indicating that Google no longer supports Pixel 2 parts. If you own that phone, you might wish to change the battery as soon as you have the opportunity.

Now is the perfect moment to replace some parts if you own a Pixel phone. You will receive a set of tools to assist you in fixing your phone along with the parts you purchase from iFixit.

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