Nothing Phone(1) Leak Indicates That A Charger Won’t Be Included.

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OEMs removing the charger out of their phones’ packaging is an unwanted trend that is starting to emerge in the smartphone business. Nobody loves it, despite the fact that Apple, Google, and Samsung have adopted it. It now appears that the Nothing Phone(1) won’t include a charger in the box either.

Since Carl Pei unveiled the Nothing Phone(1) a few months ago, we have been keeping an eye on it. We currently have a lot of information about this phone and its features. Recently, information about the charging speed was revealed. Therefore, there isn’t much left to the imagination.

A CHARGER WILL NOT BE INCLUDED WITH THE NOTHING PHONE, AS WE NOW KNOW (1). The Nothing Phone(1) has been the subject of numerous leaks over the last few weeks. We now have a new one with a lot more information. It originated from Abhishek Yadav ‘s Twitter account. A picture of a stack of Nothing Phone(1) boxes was uploaded by him.

Advertisement Five boxes are arranged in a spiral on the stack. The fact that every box in this image is so thin is what makes it interesting. This indicates that a charger will not be included with the Nothing Phone(1).

A BIT OF A SHOCK, THIS Most individuals will be surprised by this information. Not because Carl Pei must adhere to some strict moral code, as we all do. Instead, he did so on the platform he is attacking Apple on when he launched the Nothing Phone(1).

He spent a lot of time delaying the realization that the business Nothing would be the polar opposite of Apple, all it stands for, and those businesses that emulate it. Yes, this posed some questions, but it also gave us the idea that Nothing would offer a respite from the absurdity that big enterprises were normalizing.

Advertisement Therefore, it is a little startling when the company reverses course and does what those well-known companies are doing. We may understand that the corporation is cutting costs because it is nothing new, but Pei wants you to think of this phone and the company as your escape from mainstream business patterns.

We’ll have to wait and see if this phone has any additional features that will set it apart from the major corporations that dominate the smartphone market.

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