Nothing Phone (1) Just Avoids Destroying Itself During A Durability Test

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The debut of the Nothing Phone (1) last month received extraordinary acclaim for a mid-ranger. The invention was the idea of OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei, and it generated a lot of excitement in the smartphone industry because of its distinctive, transparent design. But ultimately, it’s a mid-ranger, so the firm had to make compromises. There have already been allegations of production flaws and other quality problems. There are a few important lessons learned from popular YouTuber Zack Nelson of JerryRigEverything ‘s recent durability test of the Nothing Phone (1). Let’s begin.

(1) NOTHING PHONE DURABILITY TEST The packaging for the company’s debut smartphone, which opens like a bag of bubble gum and has a transparent SIM ejector, makes it clear that nothing tried to make it stand out from the crowd. The phone is distinctive enough to get your attention right away. Zack examined its appearance and the 900 LED lights at the back in his own sweet time. However, the reason we are here is to see him put the Nothing Phone (1) through his grueling durability test.

The torture starts with the scratch test on the display, which has a plastic protective covering already applied. On the Mohs scale, the screen begins to scratch at Level 6, which is to be expected. That is often how smartphones with glass displays score. The front and rear of the Nothing Phone (1) are both made of Gorilla Glass 5. The Zacks lighter test shows that the display is an OLED panel. When exposed to direct lighter fire, the pixels turn entirely white, however they largely recover.

Advertisement All of the physical buttons and the SIM tray on the Nothing Phone (1) have a metallic (aluminum) frame. In order to keep water out, the latter features a rubber ring around the entrance. However, the phone is only rated IP53, as Zack points out. Therefore, you should keep it away from water.

A METALLIC FRAME THAT JUST ABANDONS The bend test, the apex of Zacks durability testing, is finally reached. When twisted from the back, the Nothing Phone (1) remains sturdy. But as we bend from the front, a strange noise hints that something is moving inside. The antenna line has an obvious distortion as well. However, there is nothing disastrous because it is still intact.

The Nothing Phone (1) narrowly avoids being destroyed, says Zack. He continues, “This was arguably the closest a phone has ever come to breaking without really breaking.” Nothing needs to be improved in order to make its future phones’ antenna lines stronger. Below is a video of the entire durability test.

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