Nintendo has acquired an animation studio.

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Nintendo is waiting for its chance to rule the big screen like Sonic the Hedgehog has done twice with his live-action films. Nintendo has purchased an animation studio to create material based on its intellectual assets.

The cast of the next Super Mario movie was made public several months ago, so we are all aware of it. Although this film is based on a series of Nintendo games, it was made by the independent studio Illumination Entertainment.

Nevertheless, Nintendo acquired its own animation studio for next projects. It appears like Nintendo is attempting to enter the film industry even before the Super Mario movie is out. Dynamo Pictures, an animation studio, was recently bought by the corporation, according to a recent announcement. This Tokyo-based company was founded by its founders back in March 2011.

Advertisement The company explains on the document that it will plan and create animations with a concentration on computer-generated imagery. So, the company will likely produce 3D animated shows.

The document is very brief and provides more details on the transaction. First off, it is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the corporation because Nintendo purchased the entire business. In addition to purchasing the studio, Nintendo has also changed its name to Nintendo Pictures Co. LTD (or Nintendo Pictures for short).

A LOT OF STUFF IS NOT TO BE EXPECTED THIS YEAR. The documents’ ink is still drying as we speak. Therefore, don’t anticipate a new Super Mario or Legend of Zelda show in the upcoming month. The actual transaction won’t be finalized until October 3, 2022. However, it’s unlikely that we’ll see anything this year, even though the corporation may start developing some new content before then.

Advertisement According to the paper, the acquisition will only have a little impact on Nintendo’s financial performance for this fiscal year. This indicates that the business does not truly anticipate much of an impact.

We can anticipate that these shows will be available on streaming sites like Netflix or Hulu when they eventually premiere. Nintendo recently had to lay off 300 employees, so an agreement with Netflix may genuinely turn around the company’s finances.

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