Netflix’s ad-supported plan has some unfavorable news.

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During the quarterly earnings call that took place yesterday, a little bit of news from Netflix was revealed. For example, the ad-supported tier will now launch in Q1 2023. Therefore, it won’t be accessible by the end of this year.

On that ad-supported tier, though, there is more news. It seems that this strategy won’t include all of its licensed content. This, too, was predictable. We previously reported on how Netflix is attempting to modify some of its content licenses with other studios so that they can be accompanied by advertisements. Because of their agreement, they are only permitted to stream certain movies without commercials.

However, the ad-supported tier will offer access to all of the Netflix originals. Ted Sarandos, co-CEO and CCO of Netflix, stated that the bulk of content that consumers currently watch on the service may be included in the ad-supported tier. Although there are some issues on which we are still in discussion with the studios, if we launched the product right away, members of the ad tier would have a fantastic time.

Advertisement 907,000 subscribers were lost by Netflix in the previous quarter, according to reports. The quarter that ended on June 30, 2022 saw a 907,000 subscriber decline for Netflix. That is their largest defeat in more than a decade (only their second loss, after losing 200K in the previous quarter). But it’s still a lot less than analysts had anticipated.

This is probably caused by various factors. One, Netflix has once again increased its prices. As a result, the Premium plan now costs $20 per month. Additionally, it said that password sharing will be strictly prohibited going forward. Which is why many individuals use Netflix in this way—to reduce the escalating streaming fees. Not to mention that many of the top series are currently in their off-season and have left Netflix; they will return when the new Stranger Things season premieres.

Currently, Netflix is working to tackle a number of issues, but they are all mostly financial in nature. The enormous sums of money that Netflix spends on original programming must come from someplace. Ads and a crackdown on password sharing will therefore be where it comes from.

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