LG’s Killed-Off Rollable Phone Is Demonstrated in a Hands-On Video

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You would be aware that LG no longer produces smartphones unless you have been living under a rock for the past 405 days. However, the business was developing a phone with a rotating display prior to closing the division. A fresh hands-on video of that rollable LG phone has reportedly surfaced, according to 9To5Google .

A YEAR AGO, THIS PHONE WAS RUMORED. We were monitoring rumors of a rollable handset from LG last year, before the firm shut down its smartphone division. The Korean tech giant decided against following Samsung’s lead in the foldable phone market because it was already well established. Instead, it sought to open up new markets for rollable phones.

These speculations were mixed in with those claiming LG was going to quit developing phones, though. You can see that only ONE of those rumors came true.

Advertisement Anyway, the business postponed the phone indefinitely until LG closed its phone division. This phone, however, never got to see the light of day.

A hands-on video was released that showcased the LG Rollable Phone. Even though this phone would never fit in pockets, it is only fair that we see how it would have appeared (and it was pretty cool looking!). Despite being brief, the video makes its point.

When closed, the phone resembles an LG Velvet that has been armored. It has a curved display and is tall. When you call up the side panel and click the Full button up top, the magic happens.

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The phone will then unfold into a little tablet-like device. It takes a few seconds for the screen to fully enlarge because it does so somewhat slowly. We watch as the screen grows as the accompanying software also grows. It has some trouble synchronizing the hardware and software expansion.

One interesting point deserves attention, though. The wallpaper would change when the phone’s states changed, which was an intriguing element we seen with phones like the Oppo Find N and the LG Wing. With the LG rollable phone, we can see that. In the opening video, we witness a picture of a flower gradually opening up as the screen enlarges.

Another similarity to the LG Velvet is the highly reflective back of the phone. On the right side of the back panel, we can also view every camera sensor.


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