LG is developing lenses that can make cameras smaller.

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As is customary in the tech sector, LG has been involved in a number of projects. The Elec reports that a Korean startup is developing a brand-new kind of lens that might revolutionize the photography business. Metalens technology development is being done by LG.

Over the past few years, the corporation has made investments in a variety of projects. This covers robotics, electric cars, and even providing batteries to Samsung’s competition. Additionally, LG just debuted a number of innovative and fascinating short-throw projectors.

LG IS CURRENTLY CONSTRUCTING METALENS TECHNOLOGY. Tech behemoths like LG, Samsung, Microsoft, Google, etc. are frequently underrated. Numerous of the hundreds of projects they are working on are hidden from view. Although LG is best known for its TVs, screens, and appliances, the corporation is also engaged in a number of covert endeavors.

Advertisement The history of metalens technology is presented here. Companies like Samsung and LG are attempting to make this technology a reality. More specifically, LG Innotek is the branch working on this. According to The Elec , Min-seok Kang, president of LG Innoteks, made this announcement at the Nano Korea keynote speech.

METALENS TECHNOLOGY: WHAT IS IT? As you can expect, metalens technology will have an impact on photography. Traditional lenses bend light to a specified degree using bent pieces of glass or plastic. Despite the fact that a Metalens will truly be a flat piece of glass, this is how it has been done for generations.

Nanoparticles embedded in the glass will really alter the way light travels through it. These nanoparticles will have the same optical bending capabilities as conventional lenses. A flat sheet of glass will make it possible for the camera module to be significantly thinner.

Advertisement All kinds of cameras could employ this technique, and smartphone cameras could clearly tell the difference. The number of camera bumps we see on smartphones is in the thousands, and some of them may be bothersome. The Metalenses might allow them to completely eliminate the camera hump without increasing the thickness of the phone.

It may take some time before we see this technology in any devices, even though LG and Samsung are working hard on it. When it does premiere, we’re confident that we’ll notice some design variances in phones.

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