Launch of the July Security Update for the Samsung Galaxy S22 Series

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Samsung has started updating its smartphones with the July 2022 Android security patch. Once more, the most recent security update was made available by the first Android OEM. The latest update is being released first for the Galaxy S22 series. It should soon extend to further Samsung flagships as well.

Over the weekend, Samsung’s Galaxy S22 trio began receiving the June SMR (Security Maintenance Release). The OTA (over the air) update has already reached some units in a select Asian nations, including including Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand as of this writing. It is available for all three versions and has firmware version S90xEXXU2AVF9. In the upcoming days and weeks, the deployment should extend to additional countries, including the US.

The June SMR’s material has not yet been made public by Samsung. However, you may anticipate solutions for a few dozen security flaws here. This month should be no different from previous months in that these upgrades will likely fix a few important Android OS bugs.

Advertisement The Galaxy S22, Galaxy S22, and Galaxy S22 Ultra may receive more bug fixes, performance improvements, and new features in addition to the June SMR. Unfortunately, Samsung hasn’t added the most recent release to the official update tracker. As soon as further information becomes available, we’ll let you know.

JULY UPDATE IS RUNNING OUT TO A FEW SAMSUNG MID-RANGERS AS WELL. Samsung has recently begun seeding the July security update to a handful of mid-range models, the Galaxy A32 and Galaxy A23, in addition to the flagship models in the Galaxy S22 series. The former is getting the latest SMR with firmware version A325NKSU1BVF2 in the company’s home country of South Korea. With this update, the phone is also receiving some stability gains.

On the other hand, the Galaxy A23 is getting the July SMR in Germany and Russia. The firmware for this mid-range Samsung device is version A235FXXU1AVF3. Additionally, it might be receiving stability upgrades, although we need a changelog to confirm that. Both of these mid-range devices’ most recent security updates should soon be available in other markets.

Advertisement The security upgrade from Samsung for July didn’t arrive as quickly as other of its recent releases. It had developed a practice of releasing the latest security patch even before the beginning of each new month. Nevertheless, the corporation has started the celebration, and we anticipate that during this month, it will keep adding new models to the ever-expanding list. We’ll keep you informed, of course.

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