Instagram is experimenting with looping all videos.

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Every video uploaded to Instagram will eventually be transformed into Reels. In order to increase their visibility to a wider audience, the company is testing a feature that will post all films as Reels. The social networking platform owned by Meta confirmed to TechCrunch the restricted testing.

We’re exploring this functionality as part of our efforts to streamline and enhance the Instagram video experience, a Meta representative stated in an email to statement . Social marketing expert Matt Navarra posted a screenshot of the banner informing users of the new feature on Twitter even though the firm withheld further details about the new feature.

The in-app banner states that video posts are now shared as reels. Instagram also explains how this modification will benefit you. First, you can improve your video by using the editing options offered when generating Reels. You can add music and other effects to your video to make it more visually appealing.

Advertisement If your account is public, posting videos as Reels may increase views and engagement because it will be seen by viewers on Facebook and Instagram. Reels can be made by anyone using your video and original audio. Keep in mind that if your account is set to private, only your followers will be able to see your videos.

People can even download their own remixes of your Reel. But if it doesn’t sit well with you, you may disable remixing in the options. Additionally, you can change this value for every Reel. You now have more options.

All video posts on Instagram are being tested as reels. The fresh information claims that Instagram is now testing this feature with a small group of users worldwide. When the adjustments will go public is currently unknown. There may be no proof that this transformation will ever become widespread. The organization will face a number of obstacles.

Advertisement The format of Reels is firstly vertical. Normal horizontal videos may be impacted by this. It’s also unknown whether Instagram will keep enabling users to upload films that are up to ten minutes long (up to 60 minutes for some verified accounts). What will happen to the videos that are already on Instagram is likewise a mystery.

However, this modification is consistent with remarks made by Instagram CEO Adam Mosseris in June 2021. The platform, according to him, is no longer a photo-sharing app. The company is refocusing on communications, video, shopping, and artists. When we learn more about the most recent adjustment to Instagram’s video experience, we’ll let you know.

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