In the US, Samsung releases a June update for its Galaxy Note 10 series.

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The US Galaxy Note 10 series is now receiving the June 2022 Android security patch from Samsung. The 2019 Note phones’ unlocked models are presently receiving last month’s security update in the United States. The same should be true for their carrier-locked counterparts soon. In the majority of international regions, the Galaxy Note 10 and the Galaxy Note 10 have already received the June SMR (Security Maintenance Release).

The most recent firmware upgrade for Samsung’s three-year-old Galaxy Note models in the US is comes with software version N97*U1UEU7HVF1. This version includes the June SMR as well as some further stability enhancements, according to the official changelog. More than 50 vulnerabilities impacting Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and other systems are patched by the updated SMR. Some of these flaws were discovered to have the potential to seriously harm users if they were used in the wild.

Regarding the alleged stability enhancements, Samsung makes no mention of the specific changes. Changelogs kept by the company haven’t always been accurate. However, we don’t anticipate any significant new features in this. In August 2019, the Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy Note 10 with Android 9 were released. Updates for Android 10, Android 11, and Android 12 have since been distributed to them. Major Android OS updates won’t be provided to the phones any longer, and likely no feature updates as well.

Advertisement But at least until August 2023, the Galaxy Note 10 duo will continue to get security updates. One such upgrade is on the way for US users of any of these phones. Keep an eye out for a notification in the near future. On your phone, use the Settings app to manually check for updates. To see if an OTA (over the air) update is available, just choose the Software update option and tap on Download and install. Try again a few days later if you don’t notice any pending updates.

THE JULY SECURITY UPDATE FROM SAMSUNG HAS ALREADY BEGUN TO BE RELEASED. While the company has already begun seeding the July SMR to certain Samsung devices, some may still be expecting the June security upgrade. The most recent security patch has so far been installed on the Galaxy S22 series, Galaxy A23, and Galaxy A32. It will soon be available for other Galaxy tablets and smartphones that qualify.

The contents of the July SMR have not yet been made public by Samsung. Although we lack specific details, it should fix dozens of vulnerabilities. When the business releases an updated security bulletin with information regarding the July patch, we’ll let you know.

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