In October, Xbox 360 titles will no longer be included in Games with Gold.

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The variety of free games you may download is one reason to sign up for Xbox Live Gold or Game Pass Ultimate. Microsoft has been giving out Xbox 360 titles as part of its Games With Gold promotion, but that will come to an end in October, according to The Verge .

If you have an Xbox Live or Game Pass Ultimate subscription, you are eligible for the Games With Gold deal. Microsoft offered a large 76 Xbox 360 games to customers in those levels last year, and more games will continue to be published throughout the year.

But in October, no more Xbox 360 games will be released on Games with Gold. People love having free access to the amazing games that the Xbox 360 had to offer. But as of today, Xbox 360 titles will no longer be available for download as part of Games With Gold, according to Microsoft.

Advertisement The business said in a statement that it has exhausted “its” capacity to add Xbox 360 games to the library. What the firm meant by that statement wasn’t made crystal clear. In case you weren’t aware, Microsoft sort of controls Xbox. Therefore, you’d anticipate it to provide games without condition.

Not all of the information was provided in the statement. It did note, however, that it must forgo Xbox 360 games due to licensing, legal, and technical restrictions. These could, for all we know, be perfectly acceptable explanations. We can’t deny, though, that many players will be angry as a result of this.

The good news is that until then, you still have time to accumulate free Xbox 360 games. You still have around three months until October 1st, when Microsoft will cut the cord. You should purchase any games you have your eye on right now, while supplies last.

Advertisement HOW ABOUT THE GAMES YOU CURRENTLY HAVE? Don’t worry; Microsoft won’t remove the games you’ve already downloaded from your games library. Any games you download will therefore be kept securely in your library.

Simply said, after October, Microsoft will stop adding new games. We don’t know how many games will be added to the marketplace before then. Therefore, you should keep an eye out for what happens next.

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