In June 2022, OnePlus will release an update for four phones, including its flagship.

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The June 2022 Android security update is now being distributed to four OnePlus smartphones. The OnePlus 10 Pro , the company’s flagship, is one of those devices. The OnePlus 9RT, Nord 2T , and Nord CE 2 Lite round up the other three. The June 2022 updates are absent from the current release for the OnePlus Nord N20 5G and Nord N200.

These upgrades come after the June 2022 patch was applied to the OnePlus Nord 2 and Nord CE 2 a few weeks ago. These devices have slightly different builds and changelogs. So let’s check out the latest.

Starting with the OnePlus 10 Pro, FOUR ONEPLUS PHONES, INCLUDING THE ONEPLUS 10 PRO, WILL GET THE JUNE 2022 UPDATE. In Europe, the device is receiving the OxygenOS 12 A.15 upgrade. Along with the June 2022 release, this update also enhanced the camera and fixed some stability issues.

Advertisement According to OnePlus, the update enhances the shooting effect for photos taken in low light. Additionally, it resolves the sporadic problem of camera crashes while recording videos.

Additionally, the business enhanced the calling experience, enhanced the responsiveness of the fingerprint scanner, and released a number of system stability upgrades.

THE NEW PATCHES ARE ALSO BEING APPLIED TO THE ONEPLUS NORD 2T, 9RT, AND NORD CE 2 LITE. Only in India will the OnePlus Nord 2T receive the OxygenOS 12 A.11 update. In addition to the June 2022 security patch, this update further strengthens network and system stability and fixes various camera-related problems (its more stable now).

Advertisement In India, the OnePlus 9RT will also receive the upgrade, although it will be OxygenOS 11 (A.10) rather than OxygenOS 12. The June 2022 patch is included, along with network and system stability enhancements. It also increases the stability of the camera app.

OxygenOS 12 A.09 update is coming for the OnePlus Nord CE 2 Lite. In addition to the June patches, network and Bluetooth stability have both been enhanced. The stability of the system is the same.

Additionally, OnePlus improved the stability of the camera shooting experience and resolved a stuttering video playback problem. Of course, India is getting this update first.

Advertisement THE ONEPLUS NORD N20 ANDAMP; NORD N200 WILL BE RECEIVING A NEW UPDATE, BUT WITHOUT THE PATCHES FOR JUNE 2022. OxygenOS 11 (A.06) and OxygenOS 12 (C.16) will be available for the OnePlus Nord N20 and Nord N200 (unlocked devices), respectively. However, neither phone will receive the June 2022 security patch. The stability of the system has increased in the instance of the Nord N20. Mobile data issues have been fixed in the OnePlus Nord N200 upgrade.

These updates are now being sent over the air (OTA), but if you want, you may manually download them from XDA Developers . But be careful what you download because the majority of these are local updates.

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