In 2022, Logitech will release a handheld cloud gaming console.

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We all know Logitech for producing a ton of devices focused on productivity that keep our office work running smoothly. While that is true, it appears that the corporation is interested in entering the gaming industry. This year, Logitech and Tencent Games collaborated to release a new handheld cloud gaming system.

In the game industry, cloud gaming is expanding. In addition to NVIDIA, Google and Microsoft all have their own cloud gaming platforms. Additionally, Chromebooks focused on cloud gaming are under production and will be released later.

The system sends a video feed to your smartphone while rendering a game on a potent server computer in the cloud. As time goes on, it gets better and more individuals are using the technology.

Advertisement TENCENT GAMES AND LOGITECH COLLABORATE TO CREATE A CLOUD GAMING HANDHELD CONSOLE It now appears that Logitech wants to join the cloud gaming trend. The business isn’t normally renowned for producing gaming accessories. More suited to office supplies That makes the news even more unexpected.

The business acknowledged collaborating with Tencent Games in an press release . One of the top mobile gaming firms in the world is this one. It is well-known for creating the wildly successful PUBg battle royale game.

According to the deal, Tencent will handle the software while Logitech will manage the hardware. That makes sense, and the businesses are collaborating with some well-known figures in the cloud gaming sector. To create games for the console, the team collaborates with the Xbox cloud gaming team and the NVIDIA GeForce Now team. Given that Google’s Stadia is a little underwhelming, they are the two largest brands in the sector.

Advertisement We have no notion what the hardware will look like. We may anticipate it to be smaller than the Steam Deck because it focuses on streaming games rather than rendering them. Additionally, neither the type of screen nor the type of internals are known.

Along with the cost and availability, these kinds of specifics are hard to come by. We do know that it is anticipated to launch this year. If it will ship this year, all of the specifications and the design should be completed as there are still five months left in the year. If it hasn’t already, the device should be going into production.

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