Imposter Apps Will Be Combated by The Play Store

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The Google Play Store is having a problem. Numerous programs attempt to impersonate other apps, and this may be extremely annoying. Thankfully, Google is attempting to fend off fake apps on the Play Store.

So you want to download a strong and well-known program. When you download it and launch it, you discover that it doesn’t look at all like you expected. You simply downloaded a fake program, that’s what.

In order to deceive users into downloading them, imposter apps imitate the name and icon of other apps. It might be an application called Instantgram that mimics the Instagram symbol. Making matters worse, the app’s developer would purchase an advertisement to place it at the top of the search results.

Advertisement Because you never know what is on the imposter app, this is a pretty unpleasant trend on the Google Play Store. Before you reach the sign-in screen, you will frequently see an advertisement. If one million people download the app, that means one million people will see the advertisement, giving the developer an unfair advantage.

Google is fighting fake apps on the Google Play Store. There are various ploys imposter apps use to entice you to download. In addition to having a deceptive title, they may also suggest a relationship with an established business that is false. Twitter is an app that you might see. This gives the impression that it is an official Twitter app, however it is not.

The name of the developer might also imply a link. That Twitter app might have been created by a developer going by the names Twitter Official or Twitter Co. to gain your trust. On the Play Store, Twitter, Inc. is listed as the name of the official Twitter firm.

Advertisement Last but not least, developers would alter company logos and use them to give the impression that their products were genuine. Simply place a next to the bird’s icon from the Twitter app in that other app.

However, the company is cutting back. In order to penalize developers who do this, Google is changing its Impersonation Policy . Companies who submit apps with too similar titles to others may face stiff penalties from the firm. In order to ensure that no current icons are used, the corporation will also inspect app icons. Apps that go against these new rules risk being removed.

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