How To Configure Remote Play On The Steam Deck For The PS5

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The Steam Deck is a fantastic small device for portable PC gaming, but it can also be used for PS5 and PS4 Remote Play. That shouldn’t come as much of a surprise. After all, the desktop mode makes this a complete PC. Surprisingly, we already have all the equipment required to configure PS5 Remote Play on the Steam Deck.

The process is largely simple and doesn’t take too long once I’ve put it up myself. You should expect to spend no more than 10 to 20 minutes on the entire process. After that, you’re off and running in no time at all. ability to launch PS5 or PS4 games from your Steam Deck whenever the mood hits.

Nevertheless, there are numerous steps. So let’s go over each one and set up your Steam Deck. Here are a few suggestions to assist this process run more smoothly first.

Advertisement To connect to the Steam Deck, have a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse. Ensure that your PS4 or PS5 is turned on. Have a gadget at the ready so you can read this guide on it. Let’s get started now that that is over.

SETUP GUIDE FOR PS5 REMOTE PLAY ON STEAM DECK You must first start with your Steam Deck in desktop mode in order to configure PS5 Remote Play on it. Do not worry if you are unclear of how to launch the Steam Deck in desktop mode. There, we’ve got you covered.

ENTER DESK MODE ON THE STEAM DECK. Pressing the Steam button will put the Steam Deck in desktop mode and allow it to function more like a standard PC. You should scroll all the way down to the power options once you’ve selected the Steam button.

Advertisement Next, select “Switch to Desktop Mode” from the menu. With this, your Steam Deck will launch into a more PC-like environment. You’ll need to have a keyboard and mouse on hand for this.

PAIR A BLUETOOTH MOUSE AND KEYBOARD It’s time to pair the keyboard and mouse once the Steam Deck is in desktop mode. Open the Steam Deck’s Bluetooth device choices first. A tiny Bluetooth icon ought to be visible in the UI’s right corner. The taskbar at the bottom of the screen will contain it.

Put your keyboard and mouse in pairing mode, then click that to add a new device. Remember that you must pair each accessory individually. Move on to the following stage as soon as that is finished. It’s also important to note that you can utilize your computer’s built-in keyboard and mouse. Simply put, it makes things lot simpler.

Advertisement ” alt=”Steam Deck PS5 Remote Play 1″> OPEN THE DISCOVER APP STORE AND DOWNLOAD CHIAKI

Launch the Discover app store now that you have a mouse and keyboard connected, or don’t if you’re doing this without. then look for and download the Chiaki app. This app for Remote Play is not authorized. Close the Discover app store after installing the app, but don’t start Chiaki yet.

LOAD THE KONSOLE APP IN THE APP LAUNCHER. To open the app launcher, click the Steam Deck icon in the task bar. Locate the konsole app by scrolling down to the System category. This is your command center/terminal app. Launch Konsole and input each of the ensuing commands one at a time using the keyboard’s enter key. Make sure to wait until the command has completed its task before entering the next command.

Curl an advertisement Python3 and can both be found at python3 -m pip install requests curl is available at PURCHASE THE KONSOLE APP AND COPI THE URL You should notice a line that says to copy this URL into a browser at the bottom of the script after entering the third command in the Konsole app and pressing the enter key on the keyboard. Then immediately after, copy the URL, and finally paste it into the browser. Firefox is the default browser on the Steam Deck, but if you have another one installed, feel free to use it.

LOG IN TO YOUR PSN ACCOUNT by clicking the Steam Deck PS5 Remote Play 2 image.

You can access the PSN account login page by visiting that URL. Register a PSN account. Following that, you ought only just see a blank page with the words “redirect” in the upper left corner. That’s OK; you want that. Simply copy the URL from the address bar, paste it into the Konsole app again, then press the Enter key one more time.

Advertisement PSN account ID: COPIED Once you’ve entered the Konsole app, wait for the script to complete, which should just take a few seconds. Copy the account ID after that. Following the script’s conclusion, you will see a brief line that reads, “This is your account ID.” You will need to copy the ID found on the line directly beneath that.

ARRIVE AT THE CHIAKI APP Once you’ve copied your account ID, you can start the Chiaki app, but first make sure your PS5 or PS4 is turned on. When Chiaki launches, you should find your console listed with the name you gave the system when you first set it up and the icon that corresponds to the PlayStation system it is.

Paste the account ID into the PSN account ID area after double clicking it. Make sure your PlayStation system is running the most recent firmware available. There will only be one if you’re using a PS5. Go to settings on your PS5 or PS4 and then add a Remote Play device. This can be found on the PS5 by going to Settings, System, Remote Play, and then Link Device. Go to Settings on your PS4, then select Remote Play Connection Settings, and then select Add Device.

Advertisement An eight-digit code should be returned to you by the PlayStation system. Put the 8-digit code into the PIN field when you return to Chiaki. Click the register button after you’ve entered the PIN. A notification stating that the console has been successfully registered ought to appear. Moreover, you’ve completed the most of the setup.

START STEAM Exit the Chiaki application now, then start the Steam client while it’s still in desktop mode. Then select Add a Non-Steam Game after selecting Add a New Game to Steam. Chiaki should be checked, after which you should click Add Selected Program. Return to game mode at this time. To do this, close Steam and click the icon labeled “Return to Gaming Mode” on your desktop.

Launch Chiaki from your library by going there. Steam Deck PS5 Remote Play 3

Advertisement That’s pretty much it. Chiaki should now be accessible from your game collection. It will be categorized as “Non-Steam.” The only other thing you should definitely do is spend some time using the DualShock setup to map out the controls as best you can. You don’t necessary have to do this for each game you use Remote Play to stream to the Steam Deck. It will be worthwhile though. That’s all, then! You are ready to go.

The order of these steps is excellent, but if you’d want a more visual explanation, you can view the YouTube video below by Gardiner Byant, who does an excellent job of walking you through each step.

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