Google Seems To Have Postponed The August Pixels Update

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It’s possible that the August security update for Google’s Pixel devices was delayed. On the first Monday of each month, the corporation typically publishes these monthly updates. But the first Monday in August has already passed, and no new security patch for any Pixel has been announced.

Yesterday, Google released for Pixels the August security bulletin ( publish ). It lists every vulnerability patched this month and specifies that the 2022-08-05 patch level will be applied to all eligible Google devices. The update itself is typically provided with this notice, however it wasn’t the case this time. It appears that the corporation abruptly canceled the distribution owing to a glitch or other problems.

On Monday, Verizon pushed surprised users by releasing an upgrade for the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro (via 9to5Google ). The July security patch is included, but there are no significant new features. Only a few vague speed improvements are mentioned in the official changelog. The software is the exact same version as the July patch that was released at the beginning of the month. The Verizon network has not yet detected this update on any other Pixel devices.

Advertisement This is yet another sign that Google has postponed the August Pixels upgrade. The Pixel 6 pair received the July patch when the August upgrade was supposed to be released. Hopefully this pause won’t last too long. The August security update from Samsung has already been made available for certain Galaxy smartphones. Google wouldn’t want to fall behind too much.

Pixel’s August update will patch dozens of security flaws. We now know what vulnerabilities the most recent patch addresses, despite Google delaying the August security update release for Pixels. A total of 40 Pixel-specific vulnerabilities, including four with a Critical severity rating, are mentioned in the revised monthly bulletin. These shortcomings in the modem’s ability to execute code remotely. Additionally, Google fixed a number of serious and mild problems with the modem. Patches addressing problems with the camera system and the kernel are also included in the most recent release.

The August update also resolves over 37 other problems that impact all versions of Android, from Android 10 to Android 12L. Google gave one of the problems the critical designation, while dozens of others are considered high-severity vulnerabilities.

Advertisement As previously mentioned, Samsung has already started seeding its devices with these Android OS patches, along with solutions for other vulnerabilities specific to its products. The August security patch will soon be distributed to eligible devices by other Android OEMs as well. When Google devices install the most recent security update, we’ll let you know.

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