Google might upgrade the Pixel phone with three cool features.

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The helpful At A Glance widget is one of the benefits of utilizing a Pixel device. This widget already has a number of capabilities, but the corporation might add more. Google intends to upgrade the At A Glance Widget with three extra capabilities, claims 9To5Google .

The widget already does a number of tasks, such presenting the weather, events on your calendar, timers, and other things. It’s something that the business essentially forces upon its clients. Like the Google search bar, it is on the home screen and cannot be removed.

THE AT A GLANCE WIDGET COULD GET THREE NEW FEATURES FROM GOOGLE. 9To5Google conducted an APK deep-dive that yielded this information. You should therefore consider this news with a grain of salt. Version S.21 of the Android System Intelligence contains the code for these functions, however they are not currently in use. This implies that Google has the right to remove the code at any moment.

Advertisement Cross Device Timer is the first new functionality. This function would enable the widget to show a timer from a Nest smart speaker or smart display. You will therefore see the timer decreasing on your At A Glance widget. If you have to leave the room but still want to observe the timer, this may be really useful.

If you frequently utilize supermarket delivery services, the next function will come in handy. The widget may provide details such as the story you ordered, the time your order will be ready for pickup, and the time it was dropped off.

The most recent discovery was the final feature. When using an app like Uber or Lyft, this one might allow you to monitor the progress of your ride. You can keep track of the ride without having to open the app or unlock your phone because it will let you know how far out it is.

Advertisement When these functionalities will be available on Pixel devices is unknown. You’ll need to cross your fingers because Google might not actually adopt these features, for all we know.

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