Google is introducing a new Play Store logo.

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A new logo will be used for the Google Play Store. The Play Store app icon on your Android phone has not yet been changed to the new logo. However, 9to5Google has spotted it in Google Pay and GPay. In the upcoming weeks, there might be a bigger release.

The new Play Store logo isn’t a significant makeover in any way. Most regular users might not even be able to tell the difference. But a closer examination reveals some small color and design alterations. The emblem still resembles a triangle, but the angles are now more rounded.

The four internal partitions that divide the icon into halves have been changed to more evenly distribute the sizes of the halves. The green, red, and yellow components of the icon now take up less room than the blue triangle. The shades of blue and green are now darker than previously, speaking of colors. Less noticeable adjustments have been made to the other two hues.

Advertisement The updated Play Store logo is more in line with the other Google goods thanks to the usage of blue, green, red, and yellow hues. Therefore, it looks that this change has come a little too late. Having said that, it’s not clear exactly when the new logo debuted. When using Google Pay and GPay to purchase something from the Play Store, the magazine noticed it. It had the merchant icon on it.

It’s interesting to note that Google just updated the Play Store’s web interface. It would have been wise to introduce the new logo at that time. But the business choose to go about it in relative silence. The Play Store should soon have a new icon if the idea is to make it permanent and use it throughout Android.

After years, THE GOOGLE PLAY STORE GETS A NEW LOGO. On Android, the Google Play logo is everywhere, and almost every Android user can recognize it right away. Consequently, it might not be a smart idea to redesign the logo frequently. And it’s been more than five years since Google last did that. The corporation removed the silhouette of the shopping bag from the emblem in May 2017, which was the most recent update.

Advertisement Now, a slight revamp seems to be coming. The Movies and TV tab was just deleted from the Play Store by Google. The Play Store’s Books tab might also be removed soon, making the app solely focused on Android games and apps. If and when it occurs, we’ll let you know.

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