Google claims that Stadia won’t be shut down this summer.

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Stadia is not going away. Following a speculation from last week that Google’s cloud gaming service would be closing down by the end of the Summer, that is the official statement from the Stadia Twitter account.

The allegation originated from a Facebook post that purported Google had started working on their exit strategy. Citing insights from a conference given in California a few weekends ago, an old acquaintance who is now a regional manager at Google shared them. The Killed By Google Twitter, which regularly monitors all of Google’s now-defunct services, then spread that claim.

Some Stadia supporters expressed alarm about the rumor. And led one to inquire on the official Stadia Twitter about the veracity of the claims . In response, the Stadia team stated that there were no plans for a closure.

Advertisement STADIA IS NOT CLOSING; IN FACT, IT IS ADDING MORE GAMES. Though it’s fair to worry that Stadia will disappear, one really only needs to consider upcoming games to see this isn’t in Google’s plans. Despite the rumor that Google would discontinue Stadia by the end of the summer, the company has already revealed a number of titles that will be available on the platform after that time. One illustration is the upcoming open-world pirate game Skull

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