Google Calendar Loses Location Support While Preparing For Task Reminders

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Tasks will take the role of Assistant Reminders in Calendar, according to Google. Since at least June of this year, the business has been working on it in secret. Thanks to 9to5Google decompiling , the most recent iteration of the Google Calendar app, more information regarding this impending move has finally surfaced.

The article claims that the Google calendar app’s version 2022.26.x has a lot of strings pertaining to the Reminders-to-Tasks transfer. To begin with, this switch might occur shortly. Before the change takes effect, Google will display a card informing users that their reminders will be converted to tasks. Users can immediately implement the migration by clicking a button that says “Turn my reminders into tasks now.”

According to Google, switching from Assistant Reminders to Tasks will increase productivity because of the latter’s tighter interaction with Workspace. Anywhere in Workspace, it enables you to manage and organize your to-do list.

Advertisement Location-based reminders WILL BE REMOVED FROM GOOGLE CALENDAR. Unfortunately, with this change, you will no longer receive location-based reminders. This is as a result of the feature’s lack of support in Google Tasks. It will appear in the task description if a reminder that you added using Assistant Reminders already has a location. However, it won’t result in a location-based notification. The removal of this feature from Assistant Reminders may not be well received by many individuals. So regardless of this switch, you would eventually have lost the ability.

There won’t be any Keep integration with the impending update to how Google Calendar handles reminders. Along with Tasks and Assistant, Keep is a Google service that allows you to make reminders, as you surely already know. All of your reminders are accessible in Keep, but those that you make there won’t be converted to tasks. As the move takes place, Google will notify users.

Because Tasks does not support graphics and is not ideal for lengthy reminders, this was expected. Keep possesses each of those skills. Perhaps before adding a due date and time in Keep, you first construct a note with all the relevant details and photographs, if necessary. Time will tell if this adjustment has an impact on its ability to complete tasks.

Advertisement Regarding the reminder migration from Calendar to Tasks, Google appears to be trying to simplify the Workspace experience. For more than a month, the business has been creating the foundation for this migration. The most recent development implies it has advanced noticeably. As soon as the switch is made public, we’ll let you know.

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