Google and Apple are urged by the FCC to remove TikTok from their app stores.

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Due to worries about national security, the FCC has once again requested that Google and Apple remove TikTok from their app shops.

The dispute between TikTok and the US has not yet been resolved. Through a letter from FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr, the worries over TikTok’s threats against US national security are once again being discussed. The FCC commissioner requested that both CEOs take TikTok off the app stores in the letter.

This follows a report by BuzzFeed News that stated workers of ByteDance with offices in China have access to the data of US users. ByteDance, according to Carr, is a puppet of the Chinese leadership. Additionally, it is mandated by law to accede to “Chinese government” monitoring requests.

Advertisement Apple and Google have still not reacted to the revelation. TikTok, however, previously claimed that the BuzzFeed News piece was inaccurate.
TikTok allegedly violates the rules that both of your firms demand every app to follow, according to the FCC commissioner.

TIKTOK IS MENTIONED BY THE FCC AS A RISK TO US NATIONAL SECURITY AGAIN The claims that TikTok collaborated with the Chinese government have always been refuted. The Chinese video-sharing app has partnered with Oracle to allay US officials’ security worries and convince them that no data is being sent abroad.

Advertisement FCC, on the other hand, remains pessimistic and continues to claim that TikTok poses hazards to US national security. Employees in Beijing, according to the FCC, can access that information.

However, in that article, Buzzfeed News made some unequivocal revelations regarding how TikTok staff members stationed in China can access US customer data. Buzzfeed also stated that it firmly supports our story that TikTok personnel in China had access to US user data significantly more frequently than was previously believed. Buzzfeed was also pleased that TikTok even acknowledged this in its own statement.

Naturally, TikTok didn’t refute the reports that some firm engineers in countries other than the US, such China, would have access to the data of US customers. However, it states that access is only given when necessary and is subject to such stringent controls.

Advertisement According to TikTok, it protects user data using encryption and security monitoring. The access approval procedure is also overseen by a US-based security team.

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