Genesis Mini 2 Console Confirmed By SEGA For This Fall In North America

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The SEGA Genesis Mini 2 is officially arriving in the United States with its introduction in North America. On July 13, SEGA announced the information on its official Twitter account. Noting that later this year, buyers will be able to purchase the miniature retro system loaded with games.

The Genesis Mini 2 was first introduced by the firm in June for the Japanese market. Although it will be known as Mega Drive Mini 2 in Japan. With a few minor design tweaks, the two console versions will be nearly identical. Specifically, the revised color scheme of several of the components and the new branding. But aside from that, nothing has changed.

the identical games, hardware, etc. Speaking of games, the Genesis Mini 2 will ship with more than 50 venerable releases for the SEGA CD and Genesis platforms. However, just little more than half of the complete lineup has been made public.

Advertisement In October, SEGA Genesis Mini 2 launches in the US. SEGA has confirmed the Genesis Mini 2’s U.S. release date in addition to the U.S. debut. On October 27, the console will arrive in the United States and other countries in North America. Which also happens to be the day the console is made available in Japan.

SEGA appears to have omitted to mention the console’s official price in North America. However, it does mention that Amazon will be the only place to buy the Genesis Mini 2. in Japan even.

Therefore, if you wish to buy one, you must act quickly to add it to your virtual shopping basket. Despite this, Amazon does provide a price of $103.80. However, it also states that it is being shipped from Amazon Japan and will cost $21.99 to ship. However, if the price is accurate, the console will cost about $125.

Advertisement Which, for this particular machine, is a somewhat expensive price. For comparison’s sake, the original SEGA Genesis Mini debuted in 2019 for $79.99. Even while it doesn’t follow that SEGA would automatically set the price of the second system at the same level, a roughly $50 increase is somewhat unexpected.

SEGA Genesis Mini 2
On October 27, SEGA Genesis Mini 2 will launch in North America!

Advertisement The SEGA Genesis Mini 2 is more powerful than ever! On the Genesis Mini, more than 50 vintage games have never been available before! AND has SEGA CD albums! #SEGA #GenesisMini2

SEGA July 13, 2022 (@SEGA)

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