Gboard’s Split Keyboard Finally Begins To Show Up For Users Of Foldable Phones

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This is undoubtedly the Gboard feature that has had the most requests. Foldable phones are the main cause of Gboard users’ long-standing requests for a split keyboard.

Gboards Split Keyboards Begin to Appear for Users of Foldable Phones After first being seen in March, the split keyboard is now appearing for users of foldable phones. However, take note that it appears to be appearing for users of the Gboard beta software.

Since some of them are already using it, this information has been made public on the GalaxyFold subreddit . Why did users of foldable phones want for this feature? However, depending on the foldable, it may be challenging to reach all the keys on the screen when typing.

Gboard beta split keyboard, image 1 of 2

By doing this, the keyboard’s left half and right half are moved closer to one another. It greatly improves the fun of typing. This feature has been available in some Android keyboards for a while, such as the Samsung Keyboard.

A LONG TIME AGO, THIS FEATURE WAS SUPPOSED TO BE ADDED TO GBOARD, BUT IT WAS NOT. It was anticipated that Gboard would receive it a long time ago, but it didn’t. SwiftKey is the same way. We anticipate the feature to come in the stable version of the app soon, given that it is now accessible in Gboard beta.

Advertisement Given that Google is developing a foldable phone of its own, this is hardly shocking. The business also made a ton of modifications in Android 12L to accommodate large screen phones, so that’s where the attention is.

You must sign up for the Gboard app beta program in order to test out this functionality in the Gboard beta (via the Play Store). Be aware that only a small portion of Gboard beta users are currently able to use the feature. Nothing, then, ensures that you’ll be able to use this feature right away if you enlist.

You will be able to switch between a standard keyboard, a floating keyboard, and a split keyboard setup if this feature becomes available for you. You may usually make changes by pressing a button on Gboard itself. Unless you removed it after customizing the app to your preferences.

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