For $0.99, you may subscribe to 2 months of Paramount Plus, Showtime, STARZ, or Discovery!

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Amazon is offering two months of a number of streaming services for only a dollar, or even less than that, just $0.99, as part of its early Prime Day discounts. These include, among many others, Paramount Plus, Showtime, STARZ, and Discovery. So even though it’s only a dollar, you may consider this a prolonged free trial.

Remember to cancel before the two months are up if you sign up for any of these streaming services, unless you wish to keep it. As soon as the two months are up, you’ll be charged the standard price. Since Paramount Plus is $4.99 a month, you’ll be billed that amount for the following month after the first two. You can truly cancel at any time.

You may quickly subscribe to and unsubscribe from these channels using the Prime Video app or your Amazon account because they are all parts of the Amazon Prime Video channels. Actually, doing it is very simple. Additionally, it is far superior to certain other streaming providers.

Advertisement Amazon is also offering discounts on a number of movie rentals and digital versions of your favorite movies in addition to these streaming options. So now is the perfect time to add to your library if you’ve been thinking about doing so.

You must at the very least have a Prime Video subscription to take advantage of these early Prime Day offers from Amazon. However, it is worthwhile to join up for Prime as well, particularly given that Prime Day will take place on July 12 and 13 the following week. As a result, you can benefit from all the Prime Day bargains and also enjoy significant back-to-school savings.

Click the link below to view these offers on Amazon Prime Video. These savings will probably persist through Prime Day, which concludes on July 13.
Commercial Amazon Prime Video Channels – Amazon

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