Finally, the Galaxy M11 will receive Android 12.

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Budget smartphones also require software updates, so not just flagship devices are permitted to enjoy themselves. And that’s exactly what’s taking place. The affordable Samsung Galaxy M11 will receive the Android 12 update.

Android 12 has already been installed on the majority of Galaxy phones. Additionally, software updates are frequently released for the majority of modern gadgets. Samsung’s software updates have definitely raised the bar.

The Galaxy M11 is currently receiving Android 12. Owners of this phone are in for a treat because the newest Android for consumers is on the way. Google is continuously rolling out Android 12 phones even while it develops Android 13.

Advertisement The Galaxy M11 will also receive the One UI 4 upgrade with Android 12. Even while that isn’t the most recent iteration of the One UI, it still has several brand-new features.

The software will appear a little bit different due to certain obvious modifications to the UI. The UI’s various elements, like as widgets and app icons, will have a more rounded appearance.

The option to theme the software based on the colors in the wallpaper is one of the software’s most noticeable additions. One of the most popular features is this one, called Dynamic Color.

Advertisement You will also get an indicator at the top of the screen when an app is using the camera or microphone. It informs you if you’re being observed or heard.

NOTHING ELSE IS COMING WITH THE UPDATE, The June 2022 security update for Android 12 is also available for the Galaxy M11. This is fantastic because it offers a significant number of software vulnerability patches.

It’s excellent that the update closes 65 security issues, five of which were deemed serious. 17 of the vulnerabilities were unique to Samsung products. The remaining 48 were accessible throughout Android.

Advertisement The update ought to already be visible on your phone. If not, you may wish to wait a few days before it reaches your phone.

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