Finally, Google has addressed the Pixel Buds A-Series Bass Slider issue.

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The bass slider issue will be resolved with the new update that Google is now distributing for the Pixel Buds A-series. Many thanks to everyone who reported toggle button problems with the EQ/bass slider feature, where the bass effect kept returning to the original, said Google .

THE PIXEL BUDS A-SERIES BASS SLIDER BUG IS BEING CORRECTED BY GOOGLE The problem has existed since December of last year. For the most part, this is not a major issue, but it was certainly inconvenient. What exactly is going on then? You can, however, decrease the bass by one increment or increase it by four using the slider in the Sound menu. The problem is that the following time you use the earbuds, they would no longer remember your change.

So, in order to use the earbuds, you essentially had to change that setting each time. Google is altering things, so that won’t be the case anymore.

Advertisement Google plans to provide this firmware upgrade, which bears the version number 3.415, to all owners of Pixel Buds A-series devices over the next two weeks. So, as anticipated, we are looking at a staged deployment here.

AROUND TEN MINUTES PASS DURING THE UPDATE PROCESS. Earbuds will detect the update once it’s available after your activation. Hence, the following time you employ them. The update is then installed when you put them back in the charging case. According to Google, it takes roughly 10 minutes.

You could also attempt manually determining whether the update is accessible. Simply close the lid after placing the earbuds inside the case. Then select Firmware update under More settings in the Pixel Buds app on your phone. When you get there, select Update available.

Advertisement It’s encouraging to see that Google is now addressing this issue, for sure. One of the greatest earbuds in their price range, the Pixel Buds A have received high praise. If you’re curious, the initial price of these earbuds was $99.

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