Elon Musk Wants To Postpone The Twitter Case, But Twitter Isn’t

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Elon Musk and Twitter’s court case is going to go down in history, it seems. We learned last week that Muck wished to move the trial until the beginning of 2023. What does Twitter think of that? It’s not happy, I guess. Twitter wants to reject Elon Musk’s request to postpone the trial.

LET ME RELEASE YOU TO THE LATEST INFORMATION Elon Musk began out to purchase Twitter for a whopping $44 billion months ago. Things seemed to be going pretty nicely at first. When we learned that the platform would soon feature an Edit button, the world was slightly improved.

But gradually resentment between the billionaire and the billion-dollar business started to grow. Arguments erupted about the quantity of spam and bot accounts on the Twitter profile. Musk was interested in finding out the exact number of phony accounts on the network and making sure that they were less than 5% of the 229 million daily users.

Advertisement Along with other problems, this arose on Musk’s end. specifically, the scandal involving sexual harassment that began and ended quickly like a match.

Let’s go back a few weeks to when Elon is seen signing a contract that will end the agreement. He said that this was simply a result of Twitter’s refusal to reveal the precise number of bot accounts. Twitter, on the other hand, didn’t like that and is now suing Musk to compel him to acquire the business.

Twitter opposes ELON MUSK’s decision to postpone the trial. The social media site assembled a group of tenacious attorneys and scheduled the trial for four days in September. However, Musk and his legal team suggested moving the trial to February 2023, which is around six months away. However, according to CNET , Twitter does NOT like that concept.

Advertisement That brings us to the present. Twitter said that Elon is unduly drawing out this trial in a nine-page submission to the Delaware Chancery Court on Monday. According to the documentation, the request is intended to be confusing and opaque. Regardless of whether that is the case, it is unknown whether Musk will get his wish for a winter trial.

Judge Kathaleen St. J. McCormick will conduct a hearing over Zoom on Tuesday at Twitter’s request. This will determine whether the trial should take place in September or in February, six months from now. The trial may take place sooner or later, depending on the decision made at this hearing.

The decision made tomorrow might have an impact on how the trial turns out in the end. What ultimately happens to Twitter as a result will be determined by that. Would having a reluctant owner hurt the platform in any way? Furthermore, how long would Elon keep Twitter if he is made to own it?

Advertisement Many unanswered questions still exist, and they will do so for the duration of this trial. We’ll learn more about the trial after tomorrow’s hearing, when we’ll receive the verdict.

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