Distance Calculator, Gas Price Finder, and More Added to Bing Maps

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Bing Maps from Microsoft is getting a ton of new features. There are tools to help you find the distance between any two spots on a map, as well as a gas price checker and a parking spot finder. All of these capabilities have been offered by the majority of rival systems for some time. However, that is not surprising because Bing Maps has never been the most sophisticated navigation program.

A DISTANCE CALCULATOR AND OTHER NEW FEATURES ARE ADDED TO BING MAPS The distance calculator is where we should start because it works fairly well. When you enter your origin and destination coordinates, Bing Maps will, if any routes are available, display the distance between the two points. The optimum route for a car, a bus, or a walk will be determined, along with an estimated time. Along the trip, you can add points of interest (PoI) to view a real-time update of the distance and time.

Bing Maps will recalculate everything if you take a different route on the way, whether it’s due to unmentioned PoIs or for some other cause, to make sure you have navigational instructions available. This is a wonderful addition to Microsoft’s navigation software, albeit arriving somewhat late to the party.

Advertisement One of the most often utilized navigation software functions is finding local gas stations, especially when traveling somewhere new. Thank goodness, Bing Maps can now both locate and display prices for petrol stations. It will, if available, provide you each station’s phone number so you may call and verify the costs. This enables you to decide where you want to fill up your tank with knowledge. You might be able to reduce your fuel costs without deviating from your course.

You may now find nearby parking spaces using Bing Maps as well. The address, phone number, payment options, and the type of parking, such as self-parking and outdoor, will all be provided to you. You can find driving instructions on the maps.

Distance calculator for Bing Maps image 1 and image 2

Advertisement ISOCHRONE API IS USED BY BING MAPS TO FIND APPROPRIATE RESULTS With its most recent version, Bing Maps added no novel features to the navigation field. But when looking for local POIs like hotels, petrol stations, and other points of interest, Microsoft’s Isochrone API shrewdly uncovers relevant results. It employs isoline polygons to identify locations with a lesser travel distance rather than displaying places within a circle around your current location.

Bing Maps won’t display sites on the opposite side of the river, for instance, unless they are pertinent if you are in a city with a river running through it. You might be physically close to a place, but you’ll need to find a bridge to cross a river first. The bridge might not be close enough as well. Additionally, some bridges could not permit automobiles. Therefore, a place that is physically further away might be better for you. All of these calculations are taken into account by the Isochrone API.

To deliver users contextually pertinent information for every location, the location intelligence of the Bing Maps API employs geolocation. Location intelligence simplifies every step of the journey, whether it be at gas stations, eateries, or motels, according to Microsoft says . The business won’t say whether the new features are accessible everywhere. While the gas price finder and parking finder might not be region-specific, the distance calculator undoubtedly is.

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