Discord voice chat is coming to Xbox soon.

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Direct voice conversation using Discord will soon be available on Xbox. Discord has revealed its intentions to provide the eagerly anticipated functionality to the service. Given that Sony only recently announced its cooperation with Discord, this development is interesting. It prompted the integration of Discord with PlayStation earlier this year.

It wasn’t, however, for voice chat. It served only to make your PlayStation game library visible to your Discord pals. While the Discord voice chat app for PlayStation is undoubtedly in development, Xbox players won’t have to wait too long. Actually, it will arrive sooner than you anticipate.

Later this year, DISCORD Voice Chat will launch for Xbox


Although there isn’t a set date for release just yet, the voice chat feature will be available later this year. Consequently, later this year relates to every player. Additionally, there is a technique to gain access early. The 20th of July is officially coming today for Xbox Insiders. So as of right now, voice chat should be available if you sign up to be an Xbox Insider or are currently one.

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To benefit from the integration features, you must link your Xbox account to your Discord account if you haven’t previously. Additionally, you must confirm that the Xbox mobile app is set up on your smartphone. Since this is required for the voice action to be transferred from Discord to the Xbox console.

You can then choose to transmit the voice call to your console using the Xbox mobile app by opening a voice chat call in Discord using the mobile app. Confirm your desire to transfer the call in the Xbox mobile app. Soon after, it will launch on your Xbox. After that, you can communicate in Discord while playing games on your console.

Advertisement Every time you wish to use it on Xbox, you will need to complete this step separately for each call. So, sadly, unlike on mobile or desktop, you won’t just be able to have the Discord app on Xbox and be able to see your channels and hop in a call.

However, any Xbox Discord audio chat is preferable to none at all.

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