At Least Until 2024, Google Chrome Will Maintain Third-Party Cookies

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It seems that Google’s Privacy Sandbox program isn’t working out as expected. The launch of the new effort, which attempts to get third-party cookies out of its browser, has been further postponed by the firm. This deprecation in Google Chrome is now anticipated to start in the second half of 2024.

Google originally intended to launch out Privacy Sandbox this year, since it was announced back in August 2019. The business pushed out the deadline a year ago to the end of 2023 because it needed more time to perfect the ecosystem. It turns out that a one-year extension won’t be sufficient. The major player in technology needs even more time to get the technology ready for use.

Google claims that over the past few months, it has made various Privacy Sandbox trial releases available for developers to test out and give feedback on. The input that has been given most frequently is that the new technology needs more time to be tested and evaluated by developers. As a result, the business is extending the trial period before Chrome’s third-party cookie removal begins.

Advertisement Next month, Google says Privacy Sandbox trials will be made available to millions of people worldwide. Users will have control over how they participate in the trials. Throughout this year and into 2023, the corporation will progressively extend its use of the new technology to additional people. It will continue to pay attention to user feedback throughout this time.

Chrome will have widespread access to Privacy Sandbox APIs by the third quarter of 2023. Additionally, Google will start removing third-party cookies from the browser as more developers start using these APIs. The conclusion is anticipated to begin in the second part of 2024. These schedules could, of course, change as the project develops. We’ll keep you informed.

WEBSITES’ ABILITY TO TRACK YOUR ONLINE ACTIVITIES WILL CHANGE AS A RESULT OF PRIVACY SANDBOX. The term “cookie” is undoubtedly already familiar to you. Websites use it to keep track of your online actions. Cookies assist businesses in compiling a profile of your online activities. They can thus give you advertising that are specifically tailored to your interests. Google’s Privacy Sandbox project aims to alter this mechanism.

Advertisement Cookies won’t be used to create individual user profiles for each user; rather, groupings of people with comparable interests will be created. The websites can still show you tailored adverts even while your profile is buried inside the groups, preventing them from tracking you personally. The goal is to give your online actions an extra degree of privacy. In 2024, Google should be able to finally launch Privacy Sandbox.

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