Another joint advertisement from Google and Samsung features a nostalgic element.

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Another advertisement highlighting their growing collaboration has been created by Google and Samsung. With the Lawrence brothers serving as its central characters, the most recent advertisement also evokes memories of the 1990s. It was released shortly after the two businesses debuted a collaborative commercial that featured the Backstreet Boys’ 1990 single Everybody (Backstreets Back).

The latest advertisement follows a similar storyline to the previous one. It demonstrates how smoothly Google’s services integrate with Samsung hardware. The video starts with older brother Joey searching for C C Music Factory’s Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now) on YouTube using Google’s Hum to Search feature ( via ). He begins dancing to the tune and invites his siblings to do the same.

However, as Matthew and Andrew don’t seem to be interested, Joey uses Google casting to play the song on a Samsung TV nearby. Andrew gave in to his brother’s persistence and joined him. Joey sends Matthew a message with the text “Dance Party?” as he was about to leave the room. Matthew’s Galaxy Watch 4 displays the message, and he wasn’t given much of an option either. Well, it’s difficult for anyone to resist while the Everybody Dance Now refrain is playing on the television.

Advertisement The party lights are then turned on by Matthew by using the recently added Google Assistant connection on his Galaxy Watch 4. The Lawrence brothers also have an extraordinary family reunion.

The previous Google-Samsung advertisement had a similar storyline. TikToker Addison Rae looked up the Backstreet Boys song using Hum to Search. Additionally, the advertisement demonstrated Google Casting, YouTube, and the Galaxy Watch 4’s Google Assistant.

Samsung and Google INCLUDE A WEBSITE IN THIS COLLABORATIVE AD CAMPAIGN Along with creating collaborative advertisements that have a nostalgic feel, Google and Samsung have also released an website where they attempt to demonstrate how their respective strengths compliment one another. The firms discuss Google Duos Live Sharing, which is presently limited to Samsung Notes, Samsung Gallery, YouTube, Google Maps, and Google. It enables you to watch YouTube or gallery images with your loved ones in company.

Advertisement One of several Google services that are only available on Samsung devices is this one. Even Wear OS 3 remained a Galaxy Watch 4 series-only feature for nearly a year before the Montblanc Summit 3 debuted last month. No Wear OS smartwatch that is currently in use has the update. Some have questioned Google’s decision to give Samsung such a high priority for its services, but it appears that their relationship is only growing.

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