Android and iOS Hangouts Mobile Apps Stopped Working

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The company’s venerable cross-platform instant messaging app, Hangouts, is currently being discontinued by Google. The app will be discontinued this fall, the business stated last week. Prior to that, it has already begun to remove support for mobile devices. A 9to5Google article claims that many users’ access to the iOS and Android versions of the Hangouts mobile apps has been lost.

It has been anticipated for a while that Hangouts would shut down. With Google Chat replacing it, Google started laying the foundation for it a few of years ago. Since June 2020, the migration has been underway. Throughout the previous two years, the corporation kept transferring subscribers to the new, contemporary messaging service. It is now prepared to permanently end Hangouts.

The earliest to disappear seem to be the outdated Hangouts mobile apps. Since these apps haven’t received significant feature upgrades in a while, they are no longer available for new downloads on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. Additionally, those who have them installed are unable to access the apps. They are permanently moving to the cemetery.

Advertisement The new report claims that as of last week, the apps were operational. You may send new messages and view conversations. But all of those capabilities have vanished from the apps recently. Users are now prompted to switch to Google Chat when they open the app. It’s time for Gmail Chat. The notification states that Google Chat has taken the role of Hangouts and provides links to both the dedicated Google Chat app and the Chat integration in Gmail.

For the past two years, Google has been preparing for this change. Your messaging experience won’t be much impacted by the switch because the vast majority of messages will transfer to the new platform. On the company’s official help website, it is noted that not all discussions will transfer seamlessly from Hangouts to Chat. Around September 2022, Google says it will email impacted users with more details.

HANGOUTS ON OTHER PLATFORMS WILL BE DEACTIVATED SHORTLY. Google intends to deactivate the Hangouts Chrome desktop extension, much like it did with the mobile apps for Android and iOS. This month will also see the end of the traditional Hangouts feature available in the browser sidebar of Gmail. Either use the built-in Chat feature in or the PWA (Progressive Web App). At least through October, the web client will be available. But after then, it will no longer function. Up until November of this year, according to Google, you can download a copy of your Hangouts data via Google Takeout.

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