Alert Slider, Hasselblad Branding Missing from OnePlus 10T

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The history of the flagship OnePlus phones in their tenth iteration has been peculiar. The T model of the phone is a significant difference from the Pro model in that there was no standard variant and the 12GB form wasn’t released in the US until months later. The OnePlus 10T will be missing functionality from previous OnePlus phones, claims The Verge .

What OnePlus intended to do with their 10-series phones was a question we had. Without a conventional version to contrast it with, the business released a Pro and T variation of the phone. One may speculate that this is, if anything, the outcome of the merger with Oppo.

A FEW FEATURES OF THE ONEPLUS 10T WILL BE LOST The OnePlus 10T’s features are yet unknown to us, but we do know how it will look. Additionally, we are aware that will be devoid of some features that have been present in OnePlus devices for a time.

Advertisement To begin with, this phone lacks the alert slider that other OnePlus models have had for years. You can turn on a physical switch on the phone’s side to quiet all notifications.

The Hasselblad branding appears to be removed from the OnePlus 10T as well. Since the OnePlus 9, we have observed this with OnePlus smartphones. The two businesses formed a multi-year collaboration with little idea of how long it would survive.

To assist with the color calibration of its cameras, OnePlus teamed up with the well-known camera manufacturer. The organization decided that Hasselblad was the best option in order to pursue more natural-looking colors. However, it appears that function won’t be available on the OnePlus 10T.

Advertisement WHY DID THESE CHANGES TAKE PLACE? According to OnePlus, the business made these changes for a number of reasons. In order to make room for speedier charging and a better antenna configuration, the alert slider was first deleted, according to OnePlus Chief Designer Hope Liu.

The alert slider does take up some space on the motherboard (30mm), and the business would need to stack the motherboard in order to keep it with the new alterations, making the phone bulkier. The OnePlus 10T is anticipated to support 150W charging, an increase of 87.5 percent from the OnePlus 10 Pro’s 80W. While that is true, American models will still charge at 65 W.

The Hasselblad branding was discontinued by the company due of cost. At the price range selected for the product, OnePlus hopes to provide a flagship phone with the highest level of performance. The primary camera on the phone will be a 50MP Sony IMX766 sensor.

Advertisement We don’t yet know what additional features the OnePlus 10T might omit. We’ll have to wait till the phone’s release date approaches for more details to be released.

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