A Sleep Timer Could Be Added To YouTube Music

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On a regular basis, YouTube Music updates the app with fresh additions and adjustments. A probable new feature will make Google Play Music come to mind. The sleep timer option might possibly be added to YouTube Music.

Many users uncovered a feature in Google Play Music before it was discontinued in favor of YouTube Music. It was a timer that you could set to halt the playing of music at a particular moment.

It was the sleep timer, and it was helpful if you knew you would be sleeping or being away from your phone. This would prevent the music from playing day or night. For those who were utilizing their mobile data, this was fantastic.

Advertisement MUSIC FROM YOUTUBE COULD Set a Sleep Timer We can only hope that YouTube Music will eventually get this feature. The YouTube Music app’s most recent version contains a string that indicates to this feature, according to the people at 9To5Google (via Android Police ).

You should take this information with a grain of salt since this was an APK dive. Though it’s still possible, this feature might eventually be removed from the app by Google.

five minutes; andlt;string name=add five minutes; andlt;/stringandgt;
Timer can be cancelled with the string andlt;string name=timer cancelandgt; and

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