A new dynamic queue feature is being tested on YouTube Music.

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We are all accustomed to listening to the appropriate music radio stations on YouTube Music. However, the business offers a new function for you if you wish to change things up. Dynamic Queue is a new feature that YouTube Music is testing.

Many of us utilize YouTube Music’s automatically generated radio stations. These are the playlists that are created depending on songs, artists, moods, and other factors. These are made to pour music at you in a torrent that matches the mood you prefer.

THE RADIO STATION WILL CHANGE DUE TO THE YOUTUBE MUSIC DYNAMIC QUEUE FEATURE. YouTube is testing the brand-new Dynamic Queue function with iOS users. There is currently no information on when it will be available for Android devices.

Advertisement Dynamic Queue was designed with the idea that you would like your playlist to adapt to your behavior. When you skip a track on a radio station, the next track is played just like it would on any other playlist.

However, if you skip a track with Dynamic Queue is on, the subsequent tracks will shift slightly to match the mood of the song you skipped to. This is how the program keeps the playlist updated based on your listening preferences.

Although it seems like a helpful tool, we can’t guarantee that this particular feature will air during primetime. Android Police claims that the feature has received a fair amount of unfavorable comments. Whether the study spreads to Android, well need to see if there will be more negative comments from those people.

Advertisement There is good news, though. You won’t need to worry if this appears in the actual app. In the options, you can disable the feature.

Since it is still in the testing stage, we don’t know if this feature will actually be added to the app. We should learn more about it as time goes on.

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