A Market Where TikTok Isn’t the Only Live Shopping Option

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TikTok, which may draw in hundreds of millions of viewers each day, truly dominates the video-sharing market. It’s competing with businesses like YouTube and Instagram. You can’t win them all, though, as TikTok is now successful in the market for live shopping.

Since last year, the business has been testing out a live shopping function in a number of European nations. People would be able to purchase goods from their preferred brands at live events. For live streaming, the brand would collaborate with well-known brands and popular TikTokers.

They would be intended to persuade customers to purchase a variety of goods. The parent firm of TikTok, ByteDance, believed that the same concept will work in other areas after this one proved to be a huge success in the Asian market.

Advertisement But in other markets, live shopping on TikTok is not successful. It seems like a recipe for success: promote well-known businesses using well-known influencers on a well-known platform. But it appears that TikTok live shopping is becoming increasingly popular. The Financial Times (via The Verge ) reports that fewer individuals are attending the live shopping events than the corporation had anticipated.

As a result, several of the well-known influencers have also decided to completely withdraw from the project. We don’t know the terms that brands and influencers agreed to do this, but you can bet that they all anticipated receiving a hefty commission from it.

However, you can anticipate that some workers weren’t paid if no one is purchasing the things. Of course, that is simply speculative. In any case, the app is pulling back this entire endeavor in those areas because this isn’t connecting with consumers in Europe and the United States.

Advertisement The corporation doesn’t appear to be completely stopping the live shopping events on TikTok. But you can anticipate seeing a lot less.

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